LEXX White Paper

ProNatural Product Testing White Paper – Lakeside Beikirch Care Cente

This is a study to ascertain the cleaning effectiveness of two cleaning products introduced by ProNatural Brands, LLC.  They were tested at a high-level healthcare facility: Lakeside Beikirch Care Center. The conclusion reached was that the ProNatural Brands products outperformed the products in effectiveness when compared to the other brand used in the facility.

Citric Acid: Back in Style

Ever heard the expression, “sooner or later, everything old is new again?” 
For centuries, we’ve known citrus-based cleaning solutions work well, are
effective, and can help stop the spread of disease. What we may have
forgotten is that they are made from natural and very sustainable
ingredients, and they are safe.
The professional cleaning industry and consumers are lucky these old
products are new again. Cleaning products that are effective, safe, and
made from renewable resources is just what the industry needs today
That’s why citric-based products are getting renewed interest. They are
literally “new again.”