Liquid sanitizer



One step cleaner and sanitizer for food and non-food contact surfaces

LEXX® is all you need, naturally!TM


Patented, one step cleaner and sanitizer for food contact and non-food contact surfaces

Ingredients are naturally derived, environmentally responsible, direct food additives

EPA registered, NSF listed

Safe for cleaning multiple types of hard, non-porous surfaces

Kills > 99.999% Staph aureus and Enterobacter aerogenes at 2 minutes as a single step non-food contact surface sanitizer

Minimal environmental toxicity

High performing cleaning product that is equivalent to leading national brands. However, unlike competitors, LEXX also sanitizes cleaned surfaces.

No rinsing required

Will not mutate germs

Concentrate 1 oz. makes ½ to 1 gallon of end use diluted product


Kills > 99.99999% E. coli, Staph aureus, Salmonella, Listeria, and Campylobacter at 1 minute as a food contact surface sanitizer


As full-service restaurant establishments that serve a full range of cuisines and beverages, we deal with all types of food soils throughout the day. Maintaining clean and sanitized table tops, bar counters, kitchen prep tables, and utensils used to take several types of cleaners and sanitizers to get the job done.

Then we were introduced to LEXX® Disinfectant, Sanitizer & Cleaner and found that we can use this product everywhere in our restaurants.

LEXX® is made from all-natural food ingredients and cleans really well. It cleans off food buildup like sugar from all beverage nozzles, any spills on the bar counter or stainless-steel sinks, coolers, beer lines, and even the ice trays. We clean and sanitize all of the tables and there’s no need to rinse after when using the sanitizer.

As the owner of ProNatural Brands told us, LEXX® is all you need, which is true, and what we like best about these products besides killing bacteria and being great cleaners, is they are so safe to use that you never have to worry about getting it on your skin, breathing it or even ingesting some of it.

Jerry Hanson (Owner) & Jeff (Restaurant Manager)

Johnny Longboats & Seminole Reef Grill

We have been looking for a citric acid disinfectant/sanitizer product, in a concentrate and an RTU form, that we could add to our line of products that meet the needs of today’s customer, which is using better and safer ingredients when it comes to their daily disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning needs. Your LEXX® product meets all these criteria we have been looking for to add as an EPA product to our growing list of brands we represent. In doing our review of your product, we were excited to see your LEXX® product is the only patented citric acid-based disinfectant/sanitizer formulation in the marketplace.

We are also very impressed that the LEXX® product is comprised of all-natural ingredients found in foods, which makes us much more comfortable representing a product that is safer to use, due to its very unique citric acid-based formulation which is so much different and better than other citric acid-based and/or Thymol based EPA formulated products we have reviewed in the market place today. Your LEXX® product, in our opinion, is a grand slam for us to offer this to our customer base because we are confident there will be great public acceptance of using this product to do their daily cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing needs, due to the overall safety aspect it offers.

Dimitri Louridas

Vita Brands. LLC.