The 5 Top Reasons to Select Green Cleaning Solutions

As we enter a post-COVID world, there is one thing we have learned from the pandemic and that is how vital cleaning, and more specifically, green cleaning, is when it comes to protecting human health. Cleaning is no longer for appearance, far from it. It’s all about health and protecting the environment.

And to ensure cleaning protects human health and the environment, we need to use green cleaning solutions. However, some people are still uncertain about these products. Because of this, ProNatural presents the following, The 5 Top Reasons to Select Green Cleaning Solutions. This should clear up any confusion about green cleaning solutions and explain why they are so important.

1. Protects Human Health

Protecting human health always claims the top spot. The reality is that many conventional cleaning solutions contain toxins that have been linked to everything from asthma and other forms of lung inflammation to skin irritation and even cancer. In addition to exposure to these products, there are dangers for the user of these products. These issues surface when mixing and diluting conventional cleaning solutions, storing them, and disposing of them.

2. Save Time and Labor

There was a time when green cleaning solutions underperformed. The result was that using them increased time and labor and decreased worker productivity. Making matters worse, many times, cleaning professionals had to reclean surfaces to ensure they were effectively cleaned. That’s all in the past now. Green formulations have been updated and re-engineered so that they now save time and labor, improving worker productivity.

3. Reduces Cost 

Until recently, many green cleaning formulations were costly, often making them price-prohibitive. While many facilities wanted to “do the right thing” for building users and use safer and healthier cleaning solutions, the higher costs were often a barrier. Fast-forward to today, and many green cleaning solutions are cost-competitive. Plus, many green cleaning solutions are also highly concentrated to promote sustainability. This means they last longer, another cost savings because they go further and help reduce shipping and packaging needs, which is good for the environment.

There are also some indirect but genuine cost benefits to using green cleaning solutions. We know when green cleaning solutions are used, people are healthier. This helps lower absenteeism, reduces presenteeism (when workers go to work even when they are sick), and improves moods and morale, all of which are cost savings for employers. This is because they improve worker productivity, lower workers’ compensation claims, and can even prevent costly litigation.

4. Protects the Environment

Another primary reason for selecting green cleaning solutions is they help preserve and protect our environment. Ingredients are naturally derived and environmentally responsible. Further, they are often manufactured to protect the environment from “cradle to grave.” Another advantage is that they are biodegradable. As we mentioned earlier, green cleaning solutions are often heavily concentrated, like our LEXX® cleaner disinfectant. This helps reduce shipping and fuel needs, which reduces the number of greenhouse gasses and pollutants released into the atmosphere when shipping.

5. Good for Business

Tenant demand continues to be one of the critical reasons building owners and facility managers select green cleaning solutions. Tenants know green cleaning solutions promote health, and in a post-COVID world, this is more important than ever.

This is likely why a March 2022 study reported by Statista found that “the green building market is anticipated to be one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.” While a green building includes such things as being energy and water efficient, being constructed with recycled and reusable products, and having enhanced indoor air quality, the key link in keeping a building green is how it is cleaned. That’s where the use of green cleaning solutions comes in. They help green buildings, in fact, all buildings, become more profitable and desirable.


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