How to Easily Remove Common Carpet Stains

Carpets can accumulate a variety of stains over time, especially in busy facilities where spills are common.

While some facility managers and cleaning contractors may think they need to invest in expensive carpet spotting kits to deal with these issues, there is an easy, simple, and very cost-effective solution.

All you need is a citric acid-based cleaning solution.  A Ready-to-Use citric acid-based spray works perfectly.

Here’s what you do:

Blot the stain with a damp cloth to absorb as much of the spill as possible.

If necessary, spray some water on the stain and blot again with a clean part of the cloth.

Lightly mist the citric acid-based cleaning solution over the problem area. The key word here is “lightly.”  A little goes a long way.

Allow the problem area to dry.  Block it off if necessary to prevent foot traffic.

Then vacuum. Citric acid-based cleaning solutions dry like a fine sand over the carpet.  Vacuuming removes the citric acid – along with the stain.

Pronatural Brands citric acid-based cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting solutions are made from 100% naturally derived, FDA approved food additive ingredients. They are just as powerful as leading chemical-based solutions – just safer.  For more information, contact us here.


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