Quick Tip: Using Citric Acid to Clean Showerheads and Aerators

Schools and universities will be opening soon. Before they do, cleaning professionals should add showerhead and aerator cleaning to their list of pre-opening tasks.

The reason for this is mineral buildup in showerheads and aerators can cause low water pressure. Often when this happens, showerheads are replaced. But this is costly and totally unnecessary.

Here’s what to do:

– Dilute ProNatural’s LEXX Brand Liquid Sanitizer and Cleaner Concentrate in a bucket

–  Soak the showerheads and aerators in the bucket for 15 minutes

–   Remove and rinse with cold water

– Use a soft brush to remove any remaining residue

 – Replace the fixtures. Now, enjoy the increased water pressure.

But here is one thing to remember. Always use fresh cleaning solution after every cleaning. This maintains effectiveness.

Find more tips and ideas using citric acid-based cleaning solutions by visiting: https://lnkd.in/gKT6EZtZ


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