VIDEO: Let’sTalk About Disinfectants and LEXX Disinfectants

Here is the Transcript:


This is Robert Kravitz. I’m a writer for the professional cleaning industry and have had three contract cleaning companies.

Like other cleaning contractors, we’ve cleaned about every type of facility imaginable: offices, office buildings, schools, churches, restaurants, you name it.

We usually used cleaning solutions and sanitizers. But especially when it came to schools and restaurants, we used disinfectants.

Here are some things we need to know about disinfectants.

  • These are powerful cleaning solutions.
  • There are no green disinfectants marketed in the U.S.
  • They are often made of non-renewable resources.
  • Many contain ingredients we know can harm the user, building users, and the environment.

That’s why I would like to talk about LEXX, available through ProNatural Brands.

LEXX is a powerful disinfectant.

It’s EPA-registered. That means it has been evaluated by the EPA and proven effective. In other words, it kills or eliminates the pathogens listed on the product’s label.

But here is something else we should know about LEXX. It’s environmentally friendly. It does not contain any of the potentially harmful ingredients found in traditional disinfectants.

Also, it’s made from renewable sources like lemons and limes.

Plain and simple, LEX is safe, effective, and promotes sustainability.

If I were Martha Stewart ending this video, I’d say something like, “LEXX, it’s a good thing.”

I would not be surprised if you say, “LEXX, it’s a good thing.” but because I’m not, I’m just going to suggest you check it out. Then I want to hear from you.

ProNatural Brand’s products are keeping surfaces clean and our planet untouched. To learn how we can help you, click here.


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