Back to Work Means Back to Safety for Cleaning Workers

Google just purchased an older but architecturally significant 1.2 million square foot office building in downtown Chicago.

The plans are to turn it into a Midwest headquarters.  

To bring the facility up to today’s standards for health and safety, Google announced they will spend millions to make it a “Class-A environmentally friendly office.”  

They also announced that once the renovation is completed, Google employees in the Chicago area are to return to work.

The days of remote working for many employers such as Google appear to be ending.

While this is good news for building service contractors and the professional cleaning industry, ProNatural Brands, LLC, (manufacturers of safe, citrus-based cleaning solutions, disinfectants, and sanitizers), suggests cleaning professionals going back to work may need a safety refresher on using cleaning solutions.

Among their reminders are the following:

  • Never work alone. When working with powerful cleaning solutions, having a cellphone handy may not be enough in an emergency.
  • Implement a buddy system. Cleaning workers should check in on each other during their work shifts.
  • Use fewer cleaning solutions. Using fewer cleaning solutions helps reduce risk, improves training, and enhances safety. 
  • If different cleaning solutions are stored in a janitorial closet or cart, keep them separated. A spill involving two or more cleaning solutions can release toxic fumes.
  • If the manufacturer suggests wearing goggles, eye protection, or a face shield when using their product–do so.
  • Always wear clothing that covers arms and legs; this helps protect skin from direct contact with traditional cleaning solutions.
  • Know the location of emergency equipment such as eye washes, indoor, or outdoor safety showers. These are now required in some facilities by OSHA and ANSI. *
  • Conduct a Safety Audit. A Safety Audit checks that safe operations and practices, including cleaning practices, are performed in a facility. 

“And look into safer but effective cleaning solutions,” adds Lee Chen, COO of ProNatural Brands, LLC.

“Since the pandemic, many cleaning contractors are considering safer alternatives such as citric-acid-based cleaners. There is minimal risk using these products.”


*Occupational Health and Safety Administration / American National Standards Institute.

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