9 Reasons for Using Ready to Use Cleaning Solutions

While selecting concentrated cleaning solutions in one- and five-gallon containers does have its advantages, it should be noted that ready to use (RTU) cleaning solutions also have a place in the professional cleaning industry.

“In most situations, cleaning professionals find that a combination of concentrated and RTU products is the most efficient way to clean,” says Lee Chen, COO of ProNatural Brands, LLC, manufacturers of citric-acid-based cleaning agents.

According to Chen, there are nine key reasons for adding RTU cleaning products to your cleaning arsenal. These are the following:

  1. Ready for action. Unpack and start cleaning. No mixing or diluting is necessary.
  2. Simpler to use. Point, spray, and wipe.
  3. Little or no training necessary. Along with being ready for action and simpler to use, many RTU products are designed to be used with minimal training.
  4. Improved worker productivity. Because the RTU cleaners are ready to go without mixing, cleaning times can be reduced, improving worker productivity.
  5. Consistent performance. RTU products are made, mixed, and manufactured in a factory setting using quality control production methods.  This helps to ensure they work the same way every time the product is used.
  6. Effective on high-touch surfaces. Using RTU disinfectants helps ensure that high-touch surfaces are disinfected properly.
  7. Stays fresh. Cleaning solutions in jug containers can become contaminated. This can impact the product’s efficacy and be detrimental to human health. This will not happen when using an RTU product.
  8. No rinsing. Most RTU products are designed so that there is no need to rinse surfaces after application. Once again, this improves worker productivity.
  9. Smaller footprint. RTU products take up less room in janitorial closets. Plus, there is no need to add chemical dispensing units to the closet, freeing up even more room.

“While there are benefits to RTU products, users should still use due diligence when making a product selection,” adds Chen. “Look for RTU products that are environmentally responsible, and when selecting an RTU disinfectant, always make sure it is EPA-registered.”


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