ProNatural Brands Celebrates Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22.

This year, we’re taking this opportunity to reflect on how we can all do more, on both a personal and professional level, when it comes to investing and protecting the health of our planet.

For the commercial cleaning industry, supporting environmental health means using new cleaning solutions with sustainability and green cleaning initiatives in mind.

And for those using these cleaning solutions, considering ways to integrate eco-friendly commercial cleaning products will not only help minimize our impact on the environment but also provide a wealth of benefits to our industry and the customers we serve.

So, what exactly does this mean?

Eco-friendly commercial cleaning solutions, such as citric-acid-based cleaning products, are made from renewable resources. By switching from traditional cleaning agents to these more sustainable options, we help protect natural resources.

This can be particularly beneficial for large organizations that need to purchase large quantities of chemicals for their facilities each month.

By making this change now, instead of later down the road, we are taking a big step forward in protecting our planet and the health of every living thing on our planet.

Let’s honor this special day and make Earth Day every day.


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