The Do’s and Don’ts of using ProNatural Brand’s Cleaning Solutions, Sanitizers, and Disinfectants

To take advantage of the features and benefits of ProNatural’s Citric Acid-Based Cleaning Solutions, cleaning professionals should be aware of the following do’s and don’ts.

The Don’ts

  • Best not to use Citric Acid Based cleaners to clean wood surfaces or wood floors. 
  • Citric Acid Based should not be used to clean certain stone surfaces such as marble and granite. 
  • Citric Acid Based can be used to clean many types of metal surfaces, but not copper or brass.
  • Citric Acid Based cleaning solutions should never be mixed with any other cleaning solutions.

The Do’s

To Clean Restroom Fixtures. Most of the country has hardwater, which can negatively impact most cleaning solutions. Not the case with ProNatural’s citric acid-based cleaning solutions. They clean effectively in both hard and soft water.

When Cleaning Locker Room Showers. Locker room showers often develop soap scum on walls and floors. ProNatural’s citric acid-based cleaners break down soap scum so it can be wiped away.

Cleaning Tile and Grout Floors. Removing grime build-up in tile and grout floors is a constant battle. Using a soft brush for agitation, ProNatural’s citric acid-based cleaning solutions wash away grime.

Cleaning Greasy Counter Tops. Commercial kitchens use ProNatural’s citric acid-based cleaning solutions to clean up spilled oil and greasy residue. It can also be used to remove grease build-up on stainless steel.

To Disinfect. ProNatural’s Disinfectant & Cleaner is one of the few citric acid-based disinfectants that is EPA-registered – which means it has proven its effectiveness at eliminating harmful bacteria and other contaminants – and is also on the EPA’s List-N, because it eliminates the pathogen that causes COVID-19. 

(Oh, we forgot there is one don’t when using ProNatural’s Disinfectant & Cleaner. No rinsing is required).

Pronatural Brands cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting products are made from 100% naturally derived, FDA approved food additive ingredients. They are just as powerful as leading chemical-based solutions – just safer.  For more information, contact us here.


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