ProNatural Brands Tip of the Week: Don’t Shower


A study conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder questioned whether showerheads – found in homes, schools, and gyms – can become contaminated and if so, spread disease.

To answer this question, the researchers tested 656 showerheads across 13 European countries and the United States.

What they found:

The study identified biofilm, “crawling bacteria,” and nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) in the showerheads.

Biofilms are collections of microbes that adhere to surfaces inside places like pipes and showerheads.

NTM is a type of bacteria found in water that can cause lung, skin, and blood infections. (Source: webMD)


NTM was most prevalent in showerheads located in Florida, Southern California, and New York State.

Key quote: 

“There is a fascinating microbial world thriving in your showerhead, and you can be exposed every time you shower.” ~ Noah Fierer, co-author of the study.


Clean showerheads with ready-to-use citric-acid-based sanitizers/cleaners.

The citric acid dissolves soils and contaminants in the showerhead; the sanitizing agents reduce the bacterial load to safe levels.

Do this once per week.


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