Nine Things to Know About Cleaning Kennels

Cleaning Contractors: Ever thought of expanding your service offering to include cleaning kennels?

Possibly you should. One of the most booming sectors in the pet industry is the pet kennel business. This is because more people than ever before own pets and need a place to leave them when they travel.

A Forbes magazine study revealed some interesting facts about pet ownership in the U.S. For instance:

•        There are eighty-nine million households with at least one pet, which is 66 percent of the total households.

•        Dogs are the most popular pets, owned by 66 percent of pet households, followed by cats, owned by 46 percent.

•        Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are the largest group of pet owners, followed by GenXrs, 25 percent, and Baby Boomers, 24 percent.

•        Dog owners spend an average of $730 per year on their pets.

•        In 2022, pet owners spent more than $136 billion on their pets, a 10 percent increase from 2021.

With so many of these pet owners taking vacations, the demand for pet kennels is high. This is one reason the kennel industry is growing rapidly.

And with so many new customers, many kennel owners are outsourcing their kennel cleaning tasks to cleaning contractors.

Kennel owners are realizing there are many benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service for pet kennels. Not only do cleaning contractors have access to specialized equipment, tools, and solutions that are not readily available to the public, many cleaning contractors also have the expertise and knowledge required for cleaning kennels.

We must realize that cleaning kennels is not a simple task. Remember, it involves preventing the transmission of diseases among animals, ensuring the safety and comfort of pets, and complying with the regulations and standards of the industry.

Therefore, cleaning professionals need to be aware of the following aspects when cleaning kennels.

1.    Before starting, wear gloves and protective goggles. Kennels can get very soiled with animal waste. Protective gear will help protect your hands, skin, and eyes.

2.    Remove all pets from the area to be cleaned. Make sure the kennel staff manages this. This should not be your job.

3.    Remove everything possible from the kennel. This includes bowels, bedding, toys, and the like. Once removed, place bowls in a dishwasher for cleaning. Place bedding in the washing machine. Once again, it’s best that the kennel staff oversee these tasks.

4.    Next is the most cumbersome part of the job. All feces, urine, and hair must be scooped up. Using a long-handle brush usually does the job.

5.    Now comes the most necessary part of the job: floor cleaning and disinfecting. First, the floor should be cleaned using an environmentally friendly product, such as ProNatural’s LEXX® Sanitizer and Cleaning Concentrate.

This product is made from 100 percent, FDA approved, food additive ingredients. It’s safe for you and your pets.

6.    After cleaning, the floor may still need to be disinfected. The sanitizer will eliminate most pathogens on the floor to safe levels; the LEXX Disinfectant & Cleaner Solution will kill any remaining germs and bacteria on the floor based on the products label. By the way, all LEXX products are safe for you and animals.

7.    It’s important to read and follow the “use directions” on the label. Disinfectants are not all the same. They may have different dwell times, for instance, and other requirements that must be adhered to.

8.    Be sure and disinfect other surfaces such as walls, ceilings, door hinges, and latches.

9.    It’s important to note that the LEXX disinfectant does not require rinsing after use in most all cases.

Congratulations, you have completed the kennel cleaning process.

The next and last step is to let the surfaces dry naturally. Open the windows or increase the ventilation system to speed up the process.

After that, the animals can return to their kennels with their clean bowls, bedding, and toys. Expect to see some happy faces when they do.

Pronatural Brands cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting products made from 100% naturally derived, FDA approved food additive ingredients. They are just as powerful as leading chemical-based solutions – just safer. For more information, contact us here.


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