Adding a Twist to Spring Cleaning

If Google Trends is any indication, spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind.

However, back on December 20, 2022, so few people were doing searches using the term “spring cleaning” that Google declared “not enough data [searches] to measure the term.”

Jump ahead to March 6, 2023, and the number of people searching for “spring cleaning” reached “peak popularity for the term.” And it has remained high ever since.

Now is an excellent time to discuss and prepare for this annual event. Spring cleaning, whether in a commercial or residential location, is an in-depth and thorough cleaning of virtually all surfaces.

Facilities managers consider this a good time, for instance, to clean the indoor carpeting. And they do. Many carpet cleaning companies report that spring is the same to them as Christmas is to retailers; it’s their busiest time of the year. The same goes for floor refinishers and window cleaners/washers.

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