Nine Reasons Why You Need a Drain Maintenance Program With LEXX®

At home, every time we wash and rinse dishes or bathe or shower, debris such as food remnants, hair, and soap scum go down the drain.

In the food service industry, it’s worse. Food, spills, and other liquids are intentionally sent down drains every day.

Unless we thoroughly clean and disinfect our drains, these deposits build up and can even clog the drainpipes.

That’s why an effective drain maintenance program is needed. Using LEXX® Disinfectant and Cleaner; vanillin, extracted from the vanilla bean; and our all-new foam applicator; the trio:

  1. Kills bacteria and viruses in drains.
  2. Eliminates potential health risks.
  3. Helps eliminate drain flies.
  4. Removes biofilm.
  5. Prevents mold formation and buildup of slime, yeast, and fungi.
  6. Dissolves small food and hair particles and grease buildup.
  7. Removes lime scale and deposits.
  8. It helps prevent clogged drains.
  9. Kills odor-causing bacteria and deodorizes.


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