Six Ways to Keep Commercial Kitchens Clean

Whenever you walk into a restaurant, you expect it to run like a well-oiled machine. When it does, your food arrives within minutes after you place your order, hot and inviting, and your server is cheerful and quick to refill your water glass.

But behind the scenes, in the back of the house of the restaurant, any semblance of flawless efficiency is hard to come by. For those who have never worked in a restaurant kitchen, the “dance” that goes on in the back of the house may appear startlingly chaotic. And when it’s chaotic, proper and effective cleaning is often lost in the shuffle.

So how do you keep a busy commercial kitchen clean? ProNatural Brands, marketers of citric acid-based cleaning solutions, suggests the following:

1. Train staff in proper cleaning procedures. Cleaning is always much more efficient, thorough, and effective when the kitchen crew has been well-trained. As an added measure, create a cleaning checklist to ensure all surfaces are cleaned and nothing is missed.

2. Clean as you go. Grease, grime, and soil build-up can quickly accumulate in a commercial kitchen. The best way to prevent this build-up is to have kitchen staff clean as they go. Wipe down surfaces as soon as they become noticeably soiled and be sure to take out the trash regularly. Overflowing trash cans can be a serious health issue.

3. Have a designated cleaning product. With all the “dancing” in the kitchen, there is no time to decide which cleaning solution should be used on what surfaces. Simplify the process and choose one product that cleans most all surfaces.

For this reason, many commercial kitchens now use citric acid-based cleaning solutions, such as the LEXX® Liquid Sanitizer & Cleaner, for their all-purpose cleaning. These cleaners are made from 100 percent, naturally derived and FDA-approved food additives. They are as powerful as – if not more powerful than – synthetic-based cleaning solutions, just safer and healthier.

4. Have a designated cleaning schedule. Scheduling cleaning can be difficult in commercial kitchens, especially those in restaurants. Schedule cleaning during regular lulls during the day when cleaning can be performed.

5. Ongoing floor care. Commercial kitchen floors become very soiled very quickly. However, keeping the floor clean is crucial for health, sanitation, and safety reasons. Soiled floors make slip-and-fall accidents likely. Sweep or vacuum – using a wet/dry vacuum – as often as possible.

At the end of the day, the floor must be detail cleaned, which means the floor must be swept or vacuumed and then mopped. A citric acid-based cleaning solution mixed with warm water should be more than sufficient. Just remember to change the mop head frequently. Without frequent changes, the mop head will start spreading soil instead of removing them.

6. Drain maintenance. At home, people are usually careful about what goes down the drain. This helps prevent clogs. Just the opposite is true in a commercial setting. Very often, food, soil, grease, and oil are intentionally tossed down drains. In a short time, these drains become clogged. To address this, some commercial kitchens now use LEXX® Disinfectant and Cleaner and a foam applicator. The disinfectant/cleaner is pumped down the drain, allowing it to kill bacteria and mold build-up, eliminate biofilms, dissolve food particles, kill odors, and keep drains clog-free. It’s a good idea not to wait for a clog to happen. Create a drain maintenance program, ensuring all drains are cleaned at least once a week.

Oh, and one more thing, have regular kitchen cleaning inspections. Try to bring in “fresh eyes” to examine the kitchen and suggest what may need more attention. Having these fresh eyes do the inspection is far better than the health inspector – and it can be a lot cheaper too.

Pronatural Brands cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting products are made from 100% naturally derived, FDA approved food additive ingredients. They are just as powerful as leading chemical-based solutions – just safer.  For more information, contact us here.


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